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This Trac instance is associated with the svn://puma/UM_svn/UM repository.

This is the home of the Unified Model Code from UM version 7.x. The trunk of the repository contains 'pure' Met Office code, mirroring the trunk of the Met Office repository. A UM version equates to a specific revision of the trunk and is identified by an FCM keyword (E.g vn7.1).

Note that you need to be logged in to view any other pages of the wiki or to browse the source code.

Starting Points

If you've never used the UM with FCM before then we strongly recommend that you first work through the UM Tutorial first.

Write access to the subversion repository and privileges to create/modify Trac tickets and wiki pages are given to authorized users only. Please contact r.s.hatcher (at) to register your username.

Before you can work with the UM there are several things you must have set up first. Please read the SettingUpYourEnvironment page.

It is also recommended that you read the FCM Hints and Tips page.

Available UM Versions

UM Version Revision No. Release Notes (Collab Twiki) Platforms Supported Fixes Available
6.6.3 2580 ARCHER, MONSooN, Polaris Fixes
7.1 811 UM7.1 Notes No longer supported
7.3 1678 UM7.3 Notes ARCHER, MONSooN, Polaris Fixes
7.4 2104 UM7.4 Notes MONSooN Fixes
7.5 3027 UM7.5 Notes MONSooN
7.6 4003 UM7.6 Notes MONSooN Fixes
7.7 4504 UM7.7 Notes MONSooN
7.8 5482 UM7.8 Notes ARCHER, MONSooN Fixes
7.9 6682 UM7.9 Notes MONSooN Fixes
8.0 7466 UM8.0 Notes MONSooN
8.1 8425 UM8.1 Notes MONSooN
8.2 9602 UM8.2 Notes ARCHER, MONSooN Fixes
8.3 10577 UM8.3 Notes MONSooN Fixes
8.4 11952 UM8.4 Notes MONSooN, ARCHER, Polaris Fixes
8.5 13123 UM8.5 Notes ARCHER, MONSooN Fixes
8.6 14056 UM8.6 Notes ARCHER, MONSooN Fixes
9.0 15235
9.1 17002 MONSooN
9.2 17217 MONSooN


All UMUI jobs, except those being run on MONSooN, must include the NCAS configuration branch which contains all essential non-scientific code changes to enable the UM to run on the NCAS HPC. If you don't include this branch the job will NOT work.

Make sure the following branch is in the "User Modifications" Table in window FCM Configuration --> FCM Options for Atmosphere and Reconfiguration and place a "Y" in the last column to activate it. Please do not specify a revision number for this branch so that you can be sure to pick up all the essential fixes available.


where <um_version> is the version of the UM you wish to use e.g. 7.1

Working Practices

Working Practices for UM Development
Code Development Process
Collaborative Code Development Tools (pdf) (See also FAQ for further instructions on code sharing.)


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FCM Hints and Tips

FCM User Guide

Subversion Book

Any questions or problems with FCM please raise them via the UM Helpdesk.


NCAS versions of Met Office branches for HadGEM3

General Trac Documentation:

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